Just Gone 6



Just Gone 6 is an American EDM music project by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mike Miller formed in 2012 in Austin, Texas. Since he was three, Mike Miller has constantly been working to get where he is now.It started with one piano note in the living room of his childhood home in Chicago.

Growing up in a musical family, Mike learned how to play any instrument he could get his hands on. By age 10, he was taking college level music classes, then moved to Nashville after high school to work on his craft. Eventually, he made his way to Austin,where he began to transform into the artist he is now.

With Just Gone Six, he has taken everything he’s learned, from technique and different genres, to experience and practice, to create his own style. With his dance music, you’ll find elements of traditional song writing and lyricism coupled with electronic-creativity that has no boundaries.The purpose of Just Gone Six is to move the listeners to a place where they can let themselves go and feel something new. This is what all the years and hours of practice have led to – you.

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